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Sports Injury & Program To Help You Get Back Into It

Sport Injuires 

For those living an active lifestyle. Sometimes an injury appears and become a setback. Our aim is to allow you to go back doing the sports you love. Stronger, faster, longer.

Injury including:

- Pre and Post surgery rehabilitation

- Slip Disc


- ACL, PCL and other ligament tears

- Muscle Strain

-Tennis Elbow

- Golfer Elbow

- Groin Injury

- Ankle Sprain

- Runners Knee

- Heel Pain

- Shin Splint

Sports Rehab & Program

What is back to sport program and how does it work?

- Strength and Conditioning

- Agility Drills

- 1 repetition max training

- Muscle hypertrophy training

- Plyometrics

-Balance and coordination training

- Sport specific rehab for golfers, runners, tri-athletes, hikers, weightlifters, Crossfit athletes and badminton players.

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