Professional Backgroumd

- Bachelor in Physiotherapy in TaiChung Medical University ,Taiwan 2009

- Animal Flow Level 1


- DNS A, B, C


- Sports Injury

- Runner's Injury

- Musculoskeletal Injury

- Neurology Rehab

- Scoliosis

About Sophia

Sophia Ho is the Clinical Director of Crucial Rehab. Being an avid runner, she believes in movement and motion of the body should always be maintained  to allow optimal healing. Beside running, she love all type of movement exercise which involving all body parts like animal flow, Yoga. Her day to day job involves in making sure all daily operation of Crucial Rehab clinics are running smoothly at the same time also making sure all her clients get the correct care and treatment. She has a strong believe in continue education makes a better physiotherapist, and a good team make the best out of everyone.

Her mantra:

" Nothing, not even pain lasts forever. Just one foot at a time, keep going and you will be there."

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