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Injury Rehab

Common Injuries

Due to the things we do, posture we have, habits we pursue, sometimes we develop imbalances, pain and injury from either wear and tear, trauma, degeneration, or from idiopathic (unknown) reasons.


Injuries include

- Frozen shoulder

- Osteoarthritis of the knee

- Back Pain

- Postural Imbalances

- Scoliosis

- Joint Pain

-Muscle pain, tightness or soreness

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Pain Treatment

Combining manual therapy, movement science and technology. We are able to come up with the most effective treatment that will get you and your loved ones pain-free. 

Services include:

- Joint Manipulation

- Dry Needling

- Posture correction

- Myofascial release

- Sports Massage

- Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation

- Taping

-Ultrasound, Electrical stimulation

- Manual traction and many more

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