Professional Background

- Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) in UKM

- Trigger Point Dry Needling Introductory Course Level 1


- Sport Injury

- Musculoskeletal Injury

- Geriatric Rehabilitation

About Wanli

Miss Wanli is the Clinical Supervisor and Principle Physiotherapist in the Petaling Jaya branch. Since graduating from UKM, she shows passion and enthusiasm in helping her clients achieve their goals and to get better. With substantial clinical experience, she is able to combine manual therapy, movement training, and motivational strategies, forming a hollistic approach to get the client well in a matter of just a few sessions. She spends time and listens to the clients. She also helps Crucial Rehab manage and run most of their internal education programs while heading the Petaling Jaya branch.

"Helping you to achieve your goals is what drives me to keep improving myself. Together we can make a difference in your rehabilitation and fitness journey!"

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